How to Access Webmail of Your Domain Email

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Creating a POP Email

Our guide here is based on the cPanel platform as cPanel is the most used web hosting worldwide.

The user-friendly interface lets anyone including a novice who can use this without any big obstacle.

The first step is to create a new POP email account and then you just need to follow the below step-by-step instructions.

  1. Login to cPanel and click Email Account
  1. Click Create button to create a new POP email account.
  1. Select your domain. If you have more than one domain hosted in cPanel, click the pull-down symbol on the right to select your desire domain.
  2. Enter the username. The email address will be [email protected].
  3. Set you password here. Here you have two methods to set your password.
    First method is by generating a random password. To do this just click the Generate button.
    Record your password in your note as this password will be used during email client setup later.
    In our example we will using Microsoft Outlook.
  1. Here you can set the maximum storage space for the user.
    In this example, the maximum total size of the emails is 1GB. You can set your own desired size.
    After your mailbox reaches 1GB, the sender will be informed by email that the recipient mail already reaches the maximum capacity.
    Leave other settings as they are not necessary for now.
  2. Then click Create button.
  1. Now we have successfully created a POP email.

Accessing Pop Email

Accessing Emails with Web Email Client

Now we successfully created an email account. Next we will see how can we view the emails.

First, we need to set up a so-called email client application.

We have two options here, one is using the web browser and the other is using a desktop application.

In this example, Microsoft Outlook will be used to guide how to set up the desktop application.

  1. To access email, just click the “Check Email” button.
  1. Then click the Open button. By default cPanel is using roundcube to webmail software.
  1. If the email is for the users in your organization, prepare the following information.
    • url together – starts with https (example: )
    • user name : [email protected]/e-howtobackup
    • password : Your password that user set earlier
  2. Give it to the users and inform them to try login.
  1. If the password is wrong, you as an admin can reset the password.
    You can also ask the administrator if you have right.

See how to see Setup Email using Microsoft Outlook Client

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