Superfast High Speed Internet for Home and Business

Maxis Broadband Fibre Internet

Affordable, cover wider coverage and reliable super fast high-speed broadband internet service in Malaysia.

Maxis Fibre Internet brings you stable and realiable internet connection.

There must be reasons of choosing Maxis Internet

Why Choose Maxis Broadband

Maxis is known for its wide fibre network coverage just second to TM Malaysia. Peace of mind as their fibre insfrastructure are on TM backbone.


Major ISP

Maxis is one of the major internet service provider in Malaysia and they maintain the service quality.


TM internet back bone

Maxis is using TM fibre network. Coverage as wide as TM unifi. No worries of serious internet disruption.


Affordable Price

Maxis broadband offer lowest speed at 30Mbps at RM89/month and the highest speed at RM299/month.

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