unifi plan 2022

Unifi Plan 2022

unifi plan 2022 vs 2021 As for unifi plan 2022, we found that there are not many differences compared to the 2021 version. Most of the promotion has been extended and we still can enjoy the same rate offered in 2021. Coverage of unifi in 2022 Since the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, there has …

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Unifi Package 2022

Introduction to Unifi Package 2022 unifi package for 2022 has no significant differences compared to the 2021 packages. The packages offered range from 30Mbps at RM89 (excluding 6%service tax) up to 800Mbps at RM349 (excluding 6%service tax). The monthly subscription and the one-month free subscription offer are still valid. Unifi Package Expensive? The price of …

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unifi plan 2022

Latest Unifi Promotion

Current Promotion For The Year 2022 For now, there is only one unifi promotion since the beginning of PKP last year. Just like the unifi 2021 promotion, for every subscription with 24 months contract, you will get 30 days of free subscription. It is for all home or residential unifi packages from the cheapest at RM89 per …

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Unifi Plan

Unifi plan for 2022 The unifi plan offers an various packages that can be subscribed by any income levels of society. These packages offered at a very competitive price compared to the Maxis fiber package. The cheapest package is offered at RM89 per month excluding tax, with a speed of 30Mbps which is enough for family …

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Unifi Package 2021

Introduction to Unifi Package 2021 The Unifi package for 2021 has no significant difference compared to the 2020 package. The packages offered range from 30Mbps at RM89 (excluding 6%service tax) to 800Mbps at RM349 (excluding 6%service tax). Is Unifi Package Expensive? In fact, the price of the package offered is not as expensive as compared …

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