unifi Lite for Home

unifi Lite is offerred as an alternative to TM unifi to areas those are not covered by TM unifi.
For home users, only one package is available.

The package is 8 mbps and you can subscribe it at a very affordable price at only RM89/month.
You will get free 30 days subsribtion, free modem and free unlimited call to TM fixed lines.

Lets support our national telecommunication TELEKOM MALAYSIA.

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FREE 30 days.

Unifi lite

TM Unifi is one of the most subscribed internets in Malaysia. The widest coverage in Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. As of July 2020 there are about 2 millions TM Unifi subscribers i.e. the biggest network in Malaysia.

This TM unifi Lite is offered at only RM89/month for the speed of 8Mbps. It is affordable by almost every Malaysian in Malaysia. In addition subscription is FREE for the first 30 days for 24 months contract.

unifi Lite Home 8Mbps

RM129 /Month

  • FREE 30 days
  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Download 8 Mbps (Minimum at 4 Mbps)
  • Upload 512 kbps
  • FREE Standard Installation
  • FREE Voice Calls to TM Fixed Line
  • Phone NOT provided
  • Calls to Mobile at 10 sen / min
  • Contract 24 months

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How much is the installation fee of TM unifi Lite?

Registration and activation are FREE. Once your installation is completed you need to pay RM100 within 10 days after installation and activation.

Can I terminate the service before 24 months contact ends?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to pay the remaining number of months charges. For example if you terminate it after 14 months of usage of RM89 package, then you need to pay RM89/month x (24 – 14 month) = RM890 plus any applicable tax.

When can I get the first bill and how is the charges breakdown?

TM has their own bill cut-off date. If the cut off date is on the 25th of every month and your installation was on 23rd of the same month, your first bill date will only 2 days pro-rated. The following month you will get the full one month bill.

Do I receive a paper bill?

By default, you will only receive electronic bill sent to your email when you registered. If you need a paper bill, please let our agent know. Please take note note that you will need to pay RM2 per month to get paper bill sent by mail.

How long do I need until I get the installation?

It varies depends on location and installer availability. It usually takes about a week to 2 weeks for a normal process. If there are any issues then it may take about 3 – 4 weeks or even months

How unifi Lite are different from TM unifi?

unifi Lite as its name implies is a light version of unifi. It refers to previously known TM Streamyx, however 1 – 4 Mbps packages are not longer offered. Only 8Mbps unifi Lite package is available. This is to support a stable internet connection for areas without a normal TM Unifi supports.

If you live in not in the city, this may be the right choice for your internet connection.

I want TM unifi Lite

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