unifi plan 2022

Latest Unifi Promotion

Current Promotion For The Year 2022

For now, there is only one unifi promotion since the beginning of PKP last year. Just like the unifi 2021 promotion, for every subscription with 24 months contract, you will get 30 days of free subscription. It is for all home or residential unifi packages from the cheapest at RM89 per month to the most expensive 800 Mbps package at RM349.

Promotion Further Information

You can refer to the flyer below for more promotional information. If you are interested please do contact us.

unifi promotion

Eligible conditions

There are no specific conditions to qualify you to enjoy this promotion. You only need to subscribe to this package for a minimum period of 24 months. For now, Telekom Malaysia has not set an end date for this promotion.

If you are interested in subscribing, it is better to be fast. Sometimes your residential address is within the unifi coverage area, but there is a “full port” issue which means the existing “ports” are fully utilized. For example, we inform you today that your address is in unifi coverage, then you can decide tomorrow and let us know that you want to subscribe to unifi.

In case of port full during the application submission, you may need to wait for a month or more for some customers to terminate their unifi service or TM to unifi install new ports.

In conclusion, please contact us to subscribe to unifi as we don’t want to be so tempting to see our neighbors and friends so comfortable using TM unifi services.

Unifi Promotion Application Period 2021

Just like in the 2020 unifi promotion, during the PKP period the application, approval, and installation had been shorter before the covid 19 pandemic. During this pandemic time, usually you will get the results and installation date within about three days after the application date. Installation is usually within a week after application depending on the schedule of the unifi contractor. For complicated cases, it may even extend 3-4 weeks.

Further Questions

If you are still unsure in making a decision, please contact us via WhatsApp below. Inquiries and registration for this promotion are FREE. Our agents are ready to help.