Unifi Package 2022

Introduction to Unifi Package 2022

unifi package for 2022 has no significant differences compared to the 2021 packages. The packages offered range from 30Mbps at RM89 (excluding 6%service tax) up to 800Mbps at RM349 (excluding 6%service tax). The monthly subscription and the one-month free subscription offer are still valid.

Unifi Package Expensive?

The price of the packages offered is not much different compared to the packages offered by other wired broadband internet providers such as Maxis, DiGi, and Celcom. The fibre internet providers are using the same backband as TM unifi, so as you can see from the table below.

You can refer to the table below to make a choice according to your needs.

30 MbpsRM 89RM 89None
50 MbpsNoneNoneNone
100 MbpsRM129RM 129RM 99
300 MbpsRM 199RM 149None
500 MbpsRM 249RM 219RM 139
800 MbpsRM 349RM 299None
1 GbpsNoneNoneRM199

About the Price Difference

There is only a slight difference in terms of price. For some TM packages, the price for the TM unifi is about RM60 more expensive because TM unifi is bundled with TV channels Ultimate Pack. This pack has more than 70 channels which include premium and free channels.

If you do have time and interest in watching TV and entertainment, then this is the right package. Otherwise, you will waste RM60.

So, do contact us so that we can suggest you a better package. You can save a lot of money.

Maxis fibre packages however do not have bundled TV channels like unifi. With Maxis, you can add on unlimited free calls to any phone number nationwide by just adding merely RM10/month to your package. This is suitable for users who do not have a mobile package that offers free calls, Maxis fibre could be the perfect choice.

Choosing the Right Package

You may find it is difficult in selecting the right package. Here, we will give guide you to select a suitable package for you and your family. unifi and Maxis Fiber use the same fiber infrastructure, think of your purposes and decide properly.

You can contact us by call / WhatsApp / SMS at 014-759-3914 and our sales agent or consultant will assist you.

Use The Internet Only

If you just want internet service without a TV network, you can select the appropriate TM Unifi package. For example, if it is only for 2 devices, just take 30 Mbps, and if 5 devices take 100 Mpbs packages. 

If you have a large family and a multi-story house, you are advised to take either a 500Mbps or 800Mbps package. High-speed packages like these will be provided with wi-fi mesh to provide stable and further coverage in large homes. Of course for services from 300Mbps and above, these packages come with Unifi Ultimate TV channels.

NoNo230/100 Mbps
NoNo5300/500/800 Mbps
YesNo2-3300/500/800 Mbps