Unifi Plan

Unifi plan for 2022

The unifi plan offers an various packages that can be subscribed by any income levels of society. These packages offered at a very competitive price compared to the Maxis fiber package.

The cheapest package is offered at RM89 per month excluding tax, with a speed of 30Mbps which is enough for family members with 3 mobile devices and one computer to surf the internet and watching videos such as YouTube.

Unifi Plan Brief Information

Here is a brief information of the unifi plan. The 30 Mbps and 100 Mbps plans only offer internet service without any Unifi TV. So customers of both plans cannot watch unifi tv shows either through the unifi tv box through the unifi Plus application.

If you want to get a unifi TV separately, you can add as an add on with an additional fee of RM60 per month to get the Ultimate Pack and and unifi Plus Box. This will make your monthly payment of RM149 per month for 30 Mbs and RM189 for 100 Mbps.

My suggestion to anyone who wants a unifi TV, it is good to take a 300 Mbps plan, apart from being able to watch TV shows, you can enjoy 3 times the speed compared to the 100 Mbps plan with only an additional payment of RM10 per month.

PlanInternetTV unifiJumlahKomen
30 MbpsRM89RM60RM149
100 MbpsRM129RM60RM189
300 MbpsRM199IncludedRM199Berbaloi

Plan Fiber Unifi vs Plan fiber Maxis

If earlier we made a comparison among unifi plans, this time we try to compare unifi fiber plans with fiber plans offered by Maxis internet competitors. I will give you a little guide on which one is suitable to choose based on your internet needs.

There are a few things to consider before making a choice. It should be noted that TM unifi plan offers a free month of subscription with a 30 day FREE Rugi Tak Cuba promotion.

There are a few things to consider before making a choice. It should be noted that TM unifi plan offers a free month of subscription with a 30 -day FREE Rugi Tak Cuba promotion .

For the RM89 plan, the savings is RM3.71 per month, while for the most expensive plan it is RM14.55 per month. If savings are not the basis of selection, you can consider opting for a Maxis plan package.

Here are some of the things to consider.

  • Need unlimited free calls?
    If your answer is yes, then it is good to take the Maxis fiber plan because you only have to pay RM10 a month to get this service.
  • Are you willing to accept support from Maxis?
    If your internet is having technical problems such as no internet connection and slow internet, you need to make a call to Maxis Center and when they come home, both Maxis
  • Do you need a unifi TV show?


From the above facts, it is better to choose a Unifi plan because apart from getting a FREE month of subscription, we will also be able to enjoy unifi TV shows by taking a 300 Mbps plan and above. For those who just want internet only and FREE calls without TV shows, can choose Maxis fiber.

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